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Level 06 Graphic Design Student at UoSalford Sharing my thoughts, interests and design process.

    Procon Evaluation

    For procon this year I decided to continue on with the web module as I felt it would be more beneficial to me to have a site up and running by the time I finished university as this could help with applying for jobs and getting freelance work. Plus the industry is going more digital anyway.

    I’m really pleased with the design and look of my website, I feel it is quite fun in the design but is still really clear for the user to move around. I found this fairly easy to code and found my coding skills were stronger than I thought having managed to code sections that were more advanced through trial and error. I’m disappointed I was not able to add styles to my qtips as this would have improved the look of them but I spent ages trying to override the default style and I could not get it to use my style over the default - this is something I’m going to continue working on, before my site is live. Another coding issue was within safari as some of the code was not working in the same way as in google chrome and firefox. I figured the best way for the site to be viewed is within google chrome. I’m pretty excited to get this live before I leave end of may.

    As for my blog, I feel I have blogged a lot less this year than in previous years, but what I feel I have done differently is my blog posts have more focus and direction to my uni projects and career aims.

    I feel Twitter has also given me a great platform to interact with other designers/creatives such as One Minute Briefs who have invited me to various events now.

    I managed to do two placements in the summer before coming back to university, these both differed in the kind of work I was asked to do, one was editing wordpress websites and creating marketing material for the company to send out to their clients and the other involved book covers etc. IT was a great insight into time management in real working roles and I feel this helped me speed up in third year. The work wasn’t really the kind of area I would look to go into as i’m more of an ad girl. I’ll be working back at the press over easter.

    As a whole this year I feel I have really stepped up the mark for my professional context, and I have made a serious effort to get over my shyness and go and meet and talk to people. So far this has been a really positive experience and has made me more confident that I can network my way into an interview, as its not only about having a good portfolio its also about having contacts as this shows you are personable and someone they can enjoy working with.

    — 4 days ago
    Jobs, jobs & jobs

    The Dream

    Ultimately I would like to have my own business, this could possibly be my own agency which would be something I would love to do once I have enough experience behind me. Or it could be another business opportunity if I find a gap in the market.

    I’d also love the chance to work for a really big advertising agency such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy or BBH.

    Another dream is to work abroad again, as having already had experience working and living abroad it has only confirmed that I want to do this again but this time round in a job that is a career.

    Degree related jobs

    Advertising/Marketing Copywriter

    Advertising copywriters generally work alongside an art director within the creative department of an advertising, media or full-service agency. They work with client briefs to conceive, develop and produce effective advertising campaigns.

    The art director deals mainly with the visual images of the advertising campaign while the copywriter provides the verbal or written ‘copy’. This may include creating slogans, catchphrases, messages and straplines for printed adverts and leaflets. They are also involved in writing text for web advertising, as well as scripts for radio jingles and TV commercials.

    Copywriters also work with media planners/buyers and the production department to fully develop the advertising campaign.

    Your work could then involve:

    • creating original ideas that fit the brief (working closely with the art director)
    • presenting ideas to the agency’s creative director and account team
    • helping to present ideas to the client
    • making any changes that the client asks for
    • writing clear and persuasive copy
    • making sure that ads meet the codes of advertising practice
    • proofreading copy to check spelling, grammar and facts
    • casting actors for TV and radio advertisements
    • liaising with photographers, designers, production companies and printers.

    You would often work on several projects at once, usually under the supervision of a creative director.

    Art Director

    As an art director, you would work in a team with a copywriter, who provides words to go with your visual images. Each project would begin with a briefing about the client, the product, the target audience and the advertising message to be put across. Your work would then involve:

    • working closely with the copywriter to create original ideas that fit the brief
    • producing storyboards (for TV commercials) or sketches of your ideas
    • presenting the ideas to the agency’s creative director and account team
    • helping to present ideas to the client
    • making any changes that the client asks for
    • getting graphic designers, artists, photographers or film companies to produce the artwork or TV ads
    • choosing studios or locations and attending photo or film shoots
    • making sure that budgets and deadlines are met
    • overseeing the final editing of the finished advertisements.

    You would often work on several projects at once, under the supervision of a creative director.

    Designer/Web Designer

    As a graphic designer, your work would include:

    • discussing the requirements of the project (the brief) with clients and colleagues
    • providing costs for the project
    • choosing the most suitable materials and style
    • producing rough sketches or computer visuals to show the client
    • using specialist computer software to prepare designs
    • producing a final layout with exact specifications for typefaces, letter size and colours
    • working to budgets and deadlines.

    You may also produce 3D designs for packaging, exhibitions and displays.

    Art Editor

    As an art editor, your tasks would typically include:

    • laying out pages and making sure the most suitable graphics and photographs are used
    • discussing ideas with colleagues such as journalists and editorial staff
    • hiring, and working with freelance designers, illustrators and photographers
    • producing cover designs
    • setting an overall look and style for the publication and making sure that each issue follows this style
    • redesigning the publication to keep up with trends.

    As well as working on printed magazines you may also be expected to oversee the design of apps, digital magazines and digital platforms so that magazines can be viewed on tablets and smartphones.

    In some jobs you might also manage photo shoots.


    Account Handler

    As an account executive, you would find out about the client’s advertising goals then work with your agency’s creative and planning staff to ensure that effective advertising campaigns are produced.

    Your tasks would include:

    • meeting clients to discuss their advertising needs
    • working with account planners to come up with a campaign that meets the client’s brief (instructions) and budget
    • presenting campaign ideas and costs to clients
    • briefing the creative team that produces the words and artwork
    • negotiating with clients, solving problems and making sure that deadlines are met
    • checking and reporting on the campaign’s progress
    • keeping in contact with the client at all stages of the campaign
    • managing the account’s budget and invoicing the client
    • trying to win new business for the agency.

    You would normally handle about three or four accounts at the same time.


    Every retailer needs a buyer who knows what sells and can anticipate what people will want.

    Within an organisation, buyers are generally responsible for one area, category or brand, such as teenage girls’ handbags or own brand detergents.

    A retail buyer needs a clear understanding of the customers they are buying for, the prices they are willing to pay and the likely demand for products. Reacting to and forecasting market trends and changes in demand are key aspects of the job.

    Typical duties for a retail buyer include:

    • analysing trends and consumer buying patterns
    • attending fashion shows and trade fairs to search out new products and suppliers
    • choosing product ranges
    • evaluating product quality and gathering customer feedback
    • placing supplier orders, and negotiating prices and delivery contracts
    • presenting collections and writing reports
    • working closely with retail merchandisers, visual merchandisers, designers and marketing personnel to review and track in-store customer reaction/success, sales performance figures and competitor activities.

    There is a variety of the jobs but I feel they all fit into the creative field. The industry I’m leaning towards is definitely advertising but I’ve looked into fallback options as I know how difficult it can be to make it in advertising/marketing.

    — 4 days ago

    Pushing our pampers idea further and the refining it down to something people will understand and desire to need. We have a list of the deliverables and how the idea works. Then also this is the basic wireframe for the app itself and the pages within this. I will be starting to mock up the wireframe today and inputting the copy. Really excited to get stuck into this brief.

    — 4 days ago

    Further ideas brainstorming to expand the initial ideas from our first brainstorm, this has helped clarify which ideas are too complicated or not innovative enough. Really like the pampers idea as its a different brand type we have not worked with before so this would be a good range to show in the portfolio plus the idea has a good perception to it. The other a little more selfish idea but still something we seeing making ordering food a more fun AND faster task, the snapchat style food ordering service for mcdonalds - think drive thru but a snap thru - order as you walk on your way, no queuing, just go in sit down and your order will be brought over, brings back a restaurant vibe of waitress service but without the wait.

    — 4 days ago
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"Retro Revivial" Jes Sikosek & Jessie Kimber by Jack Clark For Fault Magazine, February 2013


    "Retro Revivial" Jes Sikosek & Jessie Kimber by Jack Clark For Fault Magazine, February 2013

    (via wilde-paradise)

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    Re-brand Royal by Columna, Brand Strategy & Colors

    Oh pretty! Love the pale colours of these. They’d definitely look good stacked up.
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    Added in my metadata tags and description ready for going live.

    Added in my metadata tags and description ready for going live.

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    All my content is on the site, there are a few things that need tweaking for it going live but for hand-in I think this is okay. The best way for my site to be viewed is in google chrome.

    All my content is on the site, there are a few things that need tweaking for it going live but for hand-in I think this is okay. The best way for my site to be viewed is in google chrome.

    — 5 days ago

    So i’m having issues in safari, it keeps putting an underline link on the text but i’ve edited this in CSS to have text-decoration: none; it works in both firefox and chrome and i’ve downloaded the latest normalise CSS file. If anyone has any other ideas of why its doing this it would help a girl out!

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